Review: Noodle Canton

The Jin Lin Tian Di shopping center, across the street from Xintiandi has been basically abandoned for awhile now.  I say abandoned but what I really mean is that it’s like one of  the many shopping centers here in Shanghai with a few stores but a whole lot of nothing. A bunch of stores have flowed in and out of there like a swinging door but people don’t even take notice.  Although this shopping center is prime location next to Xintiandi, they can’t find good tenants to create a good flow of traffic to keep anyone in business….until now!  Recently a new restaurant has opened up there and has quickly gained some popularity.  I first noticed after leaving the bank next door and was intrigued by a small crowd sitting outside.  My husband and I decided to try it one weekend afternoon for brunch.  This place is called Noodle Canton.  It’s a Hong Kong style tea house specializing in Hong Kong style noodles and dim sum.  I’m all for tasty places within walking distance of my house.

Somewhat rare for a Chinese restaurant, this place has an open kitchen so you can see them preparing everything.

They have a good list of drinks.  Hong Kong is popular for their milk tea.  So that’s what I got, iced (RMB 22).  My husband got the mango juice (RMB 29).

They have a Noodle Soup section on the menu and also a Noodle section (that comes with the soup on the side).  Don’t get them confused.  We decided to get the dry noodle with the soup on the side:  Noodle with Chu-Hau Beef Brisket (RMB42).  This was really good!  I like the Hong Kong style thin fried noodles.

We also tried their Special Shrimp Wonton Soup (without noodle).  The shrimp wontons were huge and pretty filling.  They were good for ‘fast food’ but I still prefer Tasty Congee for their wontons.

The House Special Rice Rolls with Crisp Spring Rolls (RMB26) were delicious.  But who doesn’t like a fried spring roll?  The combination with the chewy rice roll makes a great bite.

Another dim sum item we ordered was the Pan-Fried Turnip Cake with XO Sauce (RMB35).  This was one of my favs.  They were really crispy on the outside with the soft steamed daikon center which is hard to perfect.  I really like how they cut them into bite sizes for you too!

The verdict?  It’s clean, it’s new, it’s still undiscovered so it’s easy to get a table.  It’s in a convenient location.  They have a really wide selection of dim sum and hong kong style noodles.  What we ordered that day was all pretty darn delicious.  The pricing I think could be cheaper since it’s so casual but I think the quality of food you’re getting is really good so I suppose that balances it out a bit.  You can’t really argue that in China.  Overall I like it and I’m glad to see something good open up in that shopping center.  I hope some more interesting shops open up in there.  Oh, yeah this place is cash only but don’t worry if you forget, just about every bank or atm is available in that center.

The Details:
Noodle Canton | 168 Xingye Road Unit 1 @ Jin Lin Tian Di | Shanghai | (021) 333 00229

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